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The Jokkalante Market Platform is a digital agricultural value chain platform that connects horticultural producers, buyers, and transporters in The Gambia.
The platform strengthens the linkages between the various stakeholders and promotes Gambian-grown vegetables.

Jokkalante Market Platform


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Market Platform

Welcome to the Jokkalante project, an initiative by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and MOTIE aimed at improving the livelihoods of women horticultural producers. The project follows a market-led approach that connects women farmers to markets, provides training on best agricultural practices, and promotes local production.

By working with actors across the agricultural value chain, including market federations, buyers, and transporters, the Jokkalante project aims to enhance income generation while providing direct support to women farmers. Funded by EIF, the project is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices and empowering women in the horticultural sector.

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Are you interested in buying locally grown vegetables in The Gambia? Then register with this platform and get in touch with horticultural farmers in The Gambia.



Are you a farmer and want to connect with buyers and transporters in The Gambia? Please call this number 7505127/5176787 to register.



Are you a transporter and want to connect with farmers and buyers in The Gambia? Please call this number 7505127/5176787 to register.

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Buyers and Farmers Feedbacks.

“Before, we go to the neighbouring countries to source horticultural products. That has changed with the launched of the Jokkalante Market platform. Now, we are able to buy from local producers through the platform”

Isatou Nyassi


“Marketing is a challenge for every producer and the platform has come to address this challenge. It is really helping us because it is user-friendly. The platform has started yielding fruits. We have started using the platform to sell our produce.”

Ousman Manneh

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Solicita Marketing Federation

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